Jennifer Glendinning

Jennifer Glendinning

International Clairvoyant & Medium | Light Language Channel | Yoga Retreat Leader

Jennifer Glendinning

Jennifer is an International Clairvoyant, Medium, Light Language Channel,  Empowerment Mentor, Quantum Energy Alchemist, Reiki Master, Yoga Retreat Leader and the creator of the “AURORA ROSE CODE, AWAKENING THE GODDESS WITHIN, SOUL LIGHT and many other transformational workshops and self-development programs.

Born  intuitive, Jennifer has woven  her gifts and talents while studying with world-renowned teachers in the healing arts of Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, Akashic Records, Soul Alchemy, Past Life Regression, DNA Coding, Quantum Healing, Psychic Surgery and many other healing modalities.

She has devoted over 26 years of practice and study in the healing arts and yogic sciences.

Jennifer has a well-earned reputation as an inspiring, gifted and compassionate teacher, healer and mentor to many across the globe.

“Her readings and healing sessions get right to a person’s core issues quickly. Giving them the clarity, confidence confirmation and helpful tools to move forward in life. She has incredible insight and accuracy.”

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