Healing Alignment

An inner journey of development and alignment with yourself

Healing Alignment


We connect with your spirit, remember your energetic alignment and your own healing ability. Using creativity we offer healing with the intent of accessing greater awareness for your soul development.

Human Alignment

The Healing Alignment. An inner journey of development, aligning your higher self with your mental, emotional and physical bodies. This can give improved health and wellness, as well as insight and greater knowledge of your own purity. 

Human Alignment Session

The 1 hour session is conducted over Zoom or in person. Richard leads the session and you have the opportunity to ask questions which will be answered in the first part of the session.

Richard will deliver a colour alignment through art and colour. Focusing on balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The final part of the session will be an energetic alignment, finishing a personalised piece of art and answering any other questions.

After care

The artwork created will be given or posted to you. The sessions can be recorded, the healing and alignment within the art will continue to resonate, you will be able to link back in at anytime.

You will receive

  • Digital recording – Full length session (1hr)
  • Personalised artwork created during the session (All artwork created)