You are everything you need

Healing Alignment

Energetic & Human Alignment

Life can be full of distractions and it’s easy to become detached from the true nature of who we are and our potential. Living on this planet is sometimes difficult and our lives are filled with many magical moments as well as traumatic experiences. We store these experiences energetically within our mind, body and energy fields. Through energetic and human alignment, we can release blockages, reconnect with mother earth and raise awareness to our self-healing ability.

How It Works

Energetic and Human Alignment works on your mind, body and energetic system drawing your attention to blockages and root causes of trauma. This allows your body to recognise patterns and paradigms of thought activating your self-healing capabilities. It is an inner journey of personal development, aligning your higher mind with your mental, emotional and physical bodies. This can offer improved health and wellness, as well as greater knowledge and a deeper connection to your own purity. 

The Work

The initial 1-hour session is conducted over Zoom or in person. Richard leads the session firstly connecting with your energy field and holding space. Through art and creativity, he will take you on a journey through areas of your life drawing attention where necessary to patterns and trauma that your body and energy fields will recognise and begin to release.

Richard will deliver a personal alignment through art and colour creating a unique piece of art specially resonating to your vibration with a focus on balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The final part of the session will be an energetic alignment, finishing a personalised piece of art and answering any other questions that may arise. You are always everything you need in order to heal.

After Care

The artwork created is yours to feel what resonates and the sessions can be recorded at your request. The healing and alignment within the art will continue to bring your awareness back to the self-healing ability within your own body and energy system.

You will receive

  • Digital recording – Full length session (1hr)
  • Personalised artwork created during the session

Richard Stuttle

Richard is a professional spirit artist and qualified healer with Harry Edwards Foundation. He is sensitive to energy and has developed his own working methods to bring forward healing and human alignment through art and creativity. Click here to read his full bio.