"Specialist teachings, offering insights and ideas."



We host a selection of inspired workshops and courses provided by our team of specialists. Connecting like-minded people, engaging in conversation and group exercises to accelerate learning and offer a different perspective.

All workshops are in alignment with our community outlook and follow our teaching methods.

The Spirit within Art & Music

11am -5pm | One Day Workshop

Part one – The first part of the workshop looks at spirit within the creative arts. Our team offer an insight into world renowned art and music, to better understand the intention behind the work.

Conversation around the power of listening to music. The silence in between each note and the effect it has on our consciousness. How we can use the captivation of music to enhance our thought processes and create a meditative state.

A dive into the arts, looking at the colour, vibration and energy within a work of some of history’s most famous artists. Discussions around why we resonate with certain artists and their work.

Part two – The second part of the workshop looks at connecting with our own spirit. How we can better understand the spirit within, through art and music.

Becoming more perceptive to art and music, understanding the importance they play on our own thoughts and wellbeing. Developing meditation techniques and the positive reaction within our brain.

Group sessions and partner practice to help explore, understand and develop your own talents. Developing imagination, using music and art to open the intuitive abilities with yourself.

“One of the main aims of this workshop is for you to embrace your creativity. Understand the important role creativity can play in your life and forge a deeper connection with other aspects of self.”

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