"Working with inspiration, connectivity and spirit."

Inspired Sessions

Inspired Sessions

Our team members work together regularly, producing a series of inspired sessions. Connecting on multiple levels, working with inspiration and creativity allows a deeper connection with the spirit world and ones higher self.

Each of the following sessions has a specific intent and offers an insight into different areas of spirituality.

Art, Colour and Psychic Connection

Richard discusses art and how we can use colour as a tool to better understand self and build stronger connections with others.

He talks about how spending time with great art and offer a gateway into the mind and psyche of the artist. Through a deeper knowledge of colour and the choices an artist made, it’s possible to connect with the emotional sensitivity of their experience.

He offers his thoughts and insights on how art and colour can be used to build and develop a psychic connection. 

Inspired Music

Music created during an inspired evening session (over Zoom) with Hester and Richard.

Working with music and art is a unique way to connect with the spirit world. We become more attuned to the subtle energies which surround us. Each session is a journey of discovery and has a specific intent.

The work created during the inspired sessions can later be used as a point for meditation and further connection. It is possible to link back into the moment when the work was created, continue the journey and access greater knowledge and healing.

Stories from the Spirit World

Inspired sessions guided by the spirit world. Hester and Richard work together on a weekly basis, connecting with their higher selves to channel learning and healing from spirit.

Interpreting information through music and art. These sessions are incredibly insightful and explore a variety of energetic and spiritual connections. Using creative mediums as a channel, it’s possible to connect with more people and gain multiple perspectives on the information received.

“Through creativity it’s possible to develop many different ways to use inspiration and work directly in the moment.”

The Healing Power of Art and Music

Created on the 19th Anniversary of the death of Richards sister, Caroline Ann Stuttle. It was late in the evening and Richard channeled his emotional energy through art and music.

Shifting his conscious mind out of the way, he used inspiration and his higher self to find shape and form within the canvas. Producing a work that evoked a state of self healing and offered greater learning.

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity, founded after the tragic death of Caroline Ann Stuttle in 2002. The charity works to raise awareness of the importance of safer travel to anyone going travelling.