"Uniting our collective consciousness through art, music and philosophy."

The Open Perspective

The Open Perspective

Our passion is fuelled by the potential we all have as individuals, and the vision of what we could achieve as a global collective. 

 There are an unlimited number of energetic frequencies which surround us. Some manifest in shape and form to create the beauty and magic of our world. Others vibrate on levels we can only attune to through training and development, these can open us to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing life.

Everyone must search to find their own answers. Our team at The Open Perspective teach a variety of skills and techniques, giving you the tools to help discover your true purpose.

“The richness of life is determined by the people we choose to let into our world.”


We offer workshops, training courses, mentorships and personal tuition. All designed to focus on different aspects of health and well-being, as well as your development and spiritual growth.

Healing, Empowerment & Awareness

We have been given the greatest gift. It is our responsibility to ensure we use our time in this life and strive towards achieving our potential. Our  retreats, workshops and training cover the following main areas.

  • Art, colour & developing our creative force
  • Music & rhythm, changing perspective
  • Yoga – the mind, body & soul

“We reach a stage in our lives where we begin to experience life with more than just our 5 senses. Something deep inside us starts to ask the bigger questions and searches for greater understanding.”

Working with our team

  • Live online Q&A with our specialists
  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • Meditation and empowerment music
  • Instructional videos

Our community development

  • Lectures, tutorials and practical sessions
  • Partner and group practice
  • Meditation and Healing
  • Homework video tutorials
  • Workbooks and how to guides
  • Private group discussion


We have created a selection of inspired workshops and courses provided by our team of specialists. All aligned with our community teaching methods.

Workshops & Courses


Connecting on multiple levels to work with inspiration and spirit. Each session has a certain intent and was created during an inspired session.

Inspired Sessions


A healing attunement is an inner journey of development and alignment, aligning your higher self and physical body to promote improved health and wellness.

Healing Attunement

Connect with our community

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Working with our team

  • Meditation & healing attunement
  • Exploring your connection & personal development
  • Mediumship, psychic ability & energetic awareness

Regular Insights

  • Lectures & tutorial videos from our tutors
  • Meditation & empowerment inspired music
  • Workbooks & development guides

Live Sessions

  • Demonstrations of art, music & mediumship
  • Practical sessions & development groups
  • Private circles with our specialist tutors

Our Team

How did we end up here?

Sometimes people connect for a reason. Our team of specialists have spent many years developing their skills and understanding. They all share an interest in personal growth and have a passion to share their knowledge to help others.

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